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concept creation

The team at Wanted for Nothing starts any design from by writing down a strong brief. We sit down with our clients to understand their idea and how to best communicate it in a visual form. We understand your organization from the ground up, starting with your values and brand identity, to getting to know your project goals and deliverables.


graphic animations

Moving illustrations give life to characters and elements to help the visitor understand an idea effectively through storytelling. Graphic animations include motion design, interactive infographics, and custom illustrated animations.


interactive animations

Creative animation on micro-interactions such as scrolling, loading, and hover can enhance the user experience and make the site more intriguing and even memorable. The developers at WFN helps you define and create the little details that makes your site stand out from the crowd.


thorough testing

Every concept is thoughtfully designed and tested among users to ensure that the message is clear and understandable and that the interactions work across different screens. Our developers make sure that the creative effects aren’t distracting but rather brings entertainment value to the user.




Bringing web design to life through animation is able to grab the reader’s attention. By making content more noticeable, your consumers will spend more time on the page and decrease bounce rates. WFN will find ways to make the animation complement to your brand and content.


stand out

A majority of websites will have static content so by introducing even simple web animations, it will make your website feel more unique and stand out from the masses. By creating an online presence that is different and memorable ensure that your business gets noticed and is memorable.



There are different types of animations and our UX team can help identify ones that are able to improve usability and ensure that the user has a better experience, especially when it comes to loading times and transitions. Animations can also help the user to focus on a particular area of the screen and improve functionality.



A landing page is more than just visual cues and details of interaction design make a fundamental difference in websites today. Animated effects can reinforce interactions and play a functional element than just decoration. They’re able to lead the user on a journey and create a narrative that allows the user to interact with the brand and content.


Adobe After Effects
Adobe XD

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quantum sponsor

UX/UI Design / Web Development / Branding / Animations

see case study Quantumsponsor social media influencer photoshoot of making healthy food



UX/UI Design / Web Development / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study TelMD wellness user depicting balanced life and enjoying the sunset



UX/UI Design / E-Commerce / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study Matboard Center photo frames hanging off the wall to represent our custom web application



UX/UI Design / Web Applications / Animations / Tech Consultancy

see case study Cameras in a production studio for our new live streaming application

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