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brand personality

Before we start the design process, our specialists at Wanted for Nothing will take the time to learn about your business and formulate a brand archetype based on a set of questions and exercises. This will help to set a solid foundation for your brand to be authentic, engaging, and relevant.


market research

Our recommendations stem from extensive research; drawing insights from industry reports, competitor analysis, and consumer research. Our in-depth exploration helps your brand to discover elements that sets it apart from other businesses.


logo & visual elements

Once you’re satisfied with the key blueprint in place, our designer begins working on the visual elements of your brand, such as logo, typeface, colors, and layout. Our transparent model allows you to be involved in the process, from sketching and conceptualizing, to drafting and adding the finishing touches.


style guide

The finishing product is more than just a logo as we also develop a style guide for your brand. This key document is what defines your company’s brand elements and helps your business to communicate consistent visuals and messaging to your audience across marketing collaterals and campaigns.



customer loyalty

A strong brand identity conveys your business values and helps build an emotional connection with customers. This connection makes it easier to foster trust and build long-term relationships with your audience that will lead to greater customer loyalty.


strategic differentiation

A well-thought out brand guideline helps your business to strategically position and clearly articulate your differentiation against competitors. Our expertise will help you understand your consumer journey and the various touchpoints that can help strengthen your brand.


trust & consistency

Part of branding is building an authentic experience with your consumers. Being consistent in providing a story and vision that your customer can resonate with, often leads to higher brand engagement, word of mouth, and repeat purchases.


staying ahead

Working with WFN is like extending your current team and having more resources to identify best practices. We’re able to advise you on the latest trends and innovations in visuals and branding that are strategic to the growth of your business.


Adobe Illustrator

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quantum sponsor

UX/UI Design / Web Development / Branding / Animations

see case study Quantumsponsor social media influencer photoshoot of making healthy food



UX/UI Design / Web Development / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study TelMD wellness user depicting balanced life and enjoying the sunset



UX/UI Design / E-Commerce / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study Matboard Center photo frames hanging off the wall to represent our custom web application



UX/UI Design / Web Development / E-Commerce / Tech Consultancy

see case study Man after a workout is the icon for the new health and wellness portal

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