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UX Design



in-depth research

How the website works is equally as important as how it looks. Before we start to design, Wanted for Nothing thoroughly reviews your business goals to ensure that we deliver an end-product that addresses your KPIs. We take the time to really understand your company, the industry, and your consumers.


consumer analysis

Interpreting various data points, WFN segments the different consumers and maps out their journey. Each consumer group reflects a different consumer persona and helps your business to craft out an individualized scenario map for each one.


wireframes & prototypes

Our specialists extensively map out a wireframe that quickly allows you to see the user flow and actions. Once we’re happy with the foundation, we’re able to prototype the pages and sitemaps so we can start testing and refining the consumer experience.


design elements

Our UX designers work closely with UI designers to add the finishing touches to the prototype. Closely following the brand style guide, we’re able to bring visual components such as colors, buttons, labels, graphics, and fonts to enhance the overall consumer online journey.



responsive design

A responsive web design can quickly adapt to any device or screen size so visitors can have an optimal experience without any distortions or lag. A responsive design offers greater versatility and encourages returning visitors and improves the online consumer journey.


consistency & speed

Over half of global traffic now comes from mobile devices and thus, it’s important to implement UX principles to ensure consistency between desktop and mobile. In addition, websites that are responsive tend to load faster on all devices.


better conversions

Allowing consumers to have a consistently positive online browsing experience across all platforms means higher conversion rates and also lower bounce rates. Investigating on the different online touchpoints means a higher chance to convert visitors into new customers.



Modern UX design focuses on personalized user experiences to deliver content that is relevant to a specific user. Custom content and familiarity helps to grab people’s attention more effectively and increases customer loyalty through retention.



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quantum sponsor

UX/UI Design / Web Development / Branding / Animations

see case study Quantumsponsor social media influencer photoshoot of making healthy food



UX/UI Design / Web Development / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study TelMD wellness user depicting balanced life and enjoying the sunset



UX/UI Design / E-Commerce / Web Applications / Tech Consultancy

see case study Matboard Center photo frames hanging off the wall to represent our custom web application



UX/UI Design / Web Development / E-Commerce / Tech Consultancy

see case study Man after a workout is the icon for the new health and wellness portal

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