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Man after a workout is the icon for the new health and wellness portal Man after a workout is the icon for the new health and wellness portal start


Project Type: Web Development, Tech Consultancy, UI Design, Animations
Date: March 5, 2018
Technologies: WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, JS

WFN helped Sporteluxe, a leading health and wellness portal, to accommodate their growing user base by improving their UX/UI and implementing eCommerce solutions.


branding, UX/UI design, e-commerce, web development

WFN approached this project with thorough industry research, competitor insights, and the business analysis to improve UX/UI, design and web development. We used WooCommerce and WordPress with custom PHP modules to combine a versatile web-shop with a robust content platform. In addition, we supported SEO strategies to help Sporteluxe attract consumers from different markets and increase overall traffic and conversions.

Sporteluxe Logo

I really am loving the look of the website!

Bianca Cheah, Founder

launch the site


color scheme color scheme color scheme color scheme

Through research and testing, we found that the majority of readers were women and responded well to pastel colors. Given that it was a content-heavy site, we also wanted to keep the color palette clean.


The designers worked out the structure of several new sections and categories, including the flow of the eCommerce component. Our strategy focused on user engagement and conversions. We implemented infinite scroll to keep users on the media site for as long as possible. In addition, we optimized the site according to UX research to achieve conversions for sales, subscriptions, and article shares. The wireframes help the stakeholders to visualize the flow and layouts before we commit to designing.

UX design for dynamic categories

dynamic categories

We created a categories page that embedded content, products, social media elements, and ads. Adding category tags in the backend was easy to do allowed the client to be autonomous and flexible in consolidating content.


We built an online store from scratch and created product categories that related to the existing content so it will be an easy cross-sell for readers that led to higher conversion rates. We implemented a full eCommerce ecosystem from signing up and browsing, to checking out and tracking conversions. This was possible by having a solid eCommerce strategy and insights.

UX design for interactive product cards

interactive product cards

WFN designed product cards that was embedded with gifs, images, and social sharing buttons to make it easy for consumers to interact with the product and find out more information without overcrowding the space.

responsive design

The responsive design ensured that the content looked good on mobile devices and tablets and that content-heavy pages were also able to load quickly and seamlessly. This led to increased readership and reduced bounce rates.

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