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anna rowley


Anna Rowley

Project Type: Web Development, UX Design, UI Design, Animations
Date: December 17, 2018
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, MailChimp

Anna Rowley provides courses and coaching designed to help people grow as entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and as well-rounded individuals. WFN took on the full design & development for this website.


branding, UX/UI design, web development, digital strategy

WFN took charge of all design and development work for Anna Rowley’s website. Our team focused on implementing a seamless navigation process for users to explore the portal and read great content. We also provided a smooth user experience for users to sign up for AR’s courses as well. The website we built includes an easy-to-manage CMS and flexible site structure. This grants the Anna Rowley team the ability to edit the entire site simply through the admin panel.

Thanks for all the great work. Really appreciate the level of detail and care you guys displayed.

Anna Rowley, Business Coach

launch the site


WFN selected different shades of green and blue to convey feelings of personal growth and health. This palette also includes light hues of red and yellow to match the brand message for optimism and strength.

Courses Display

WFN crafted high quality visuals tailored for the brand message of Anna Rowley. This original design for the courses page successfully conveys Anna Rowley’s mission.

custom visuals

We designed this website so that it would be seamless for users to navigate their way towards the Anna Rowley course catalog. Each button and banner strategically uses the right colors and graphics to enhance the overall design.


With the CTA section, we made sure that users wouldn’t have to fumble through the website to find out how they could stay in touch. The responsive design makes it simple for users to do this on their laptop or phone as well.

mobile optimized

WFN recognizes how important is it for Anna Rowley’s users to be able to view her blog and courses on any device. That’s why we made sure that our design could be viewed on mobile without any trouble.

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