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Cameras in a production studio for our new live streaming application Cameras in a production studio for our new live streaming application start


Project Type: Web Applications, Tech Consultancy, UI Design
Date: December 20, 2019
Technologies: Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Git

We helped ILEC develop a live streaming web application that works across desktops, mobiles, and tablets to create a seamless user experience.


branding, UX, UI, web application

Wanted for Nothing consulted ILEC to help enhance their user experience for live streaming events that included conferences, meetings, and concerts. We helped to create a web application that was easy-to-use, quick to load, and also compatible across all devices, not just desktop. Through our initial research, we were able to create a layout that highlighted important details and made interacting with other live-viewers much more inviting and simple. Through our efforts, we ended up developing something that was able to connect people from around the world and share their ideas and thoughts in real-time.

ILEC Live Streaming Logo

this live streaming app took our production company to the next level! very happy with the work WFN did!

Zach Gavin, CEO

Launch Demo Page


color schemecolor schemecolor schemecolor scheme

We conducted A/B testing and decided on a darker color scheme as we wanted the dashboard to be easy on the eye and the focus to be on the live stream video.

Developed a main dashboard where users can stream and chat with each other

main dashboard

WFN’s challenge was to convey different information into one dashboard without it feeling cluttered or confusing. We wanted the event details and live chat to be easily accessible but to also not distract the viewer from the live stream. We also ensured that the general settings can be accessed on the same page without having to leave the stream. Viewers were also able to filter through comments by different segments, such as positions or departments.


We developed a login and signup system that can be easily integrated and customized to suit ILEC’s clients. Logins and signups can be conditional to certain e-mails and allowed the user to select who they are in a drop-down menu.

responsive design

Our client requested for the web application to be fully functional across desktops, mobiles and tablets. This involved a lot of testing from UX/UI research, right through to development and execution. WFN was also able to solve the problem of users accessing different widgets, such as the chat and event details, without having to leave the live stream. We were able to implement this successfully across all screens, even on mobile when space was a large constraint.

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