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Matboard Center photo frames hanging off the wall to represent our custom web application Matboard Center photo frames hanging off the wall to represent our custom web application start


Project Type: E-commerce, Tech Consultancy, UI Design, UX Design
Date: February 15, 2019
Technologies: Magento, HTML5, CSS3, JS

WFN helped MBC to enhance the online shopping experience through rebranding and custom matboard builder application.


eCommerce, UX/UI design, branding, tech consultancy

The client provided quality mat boards for artists and experienced a plateau when it came to attracting new consumers. Wanted for Nothing conducted an initial research and found that the online purchasing process needed to be addressed. We improved the whole look and process of the e-shop through rebranding, UX/UI implementation, and a user-friendly mat board builder tool.

Matboard Center Logo

The design is just amazing and we love the new e-commerce app! Our users love it too!

Alex L., Marketing Director

launch the site


color scheme color scheme color scheme color scheme

WFN used contrasting colors to help certain elements stand out whilst also preserving balance and harmony.

UX design and development for custom mat board maker

custom matboard maker

We created a simple feature on the product page that allowed the user to easily customize a matboard, from color and size, to frames and accessories.

easy to use

What used to be a tedious process for the consumer, now became intuitive and easy to use. The 3D builder with drop-down menus made it simpler to understand the different options.


User can leave reviews for every purchased mat board

customer reviews

WFN also added customer reviews for the different product lines to help the consumer decide on the different items and also provide feedback.

illustrative instructions

The consumer was able to make a better decision on sizes and features. This led to fewer product returns, misunderstandings, and a more enhanced user experience.

simple checkout process

We updated the shopping cart to include an image of the final custom product so that consumers have a better idea of what they’re purchasing. We made it easier for the customer to update the cart or edit any of the custom matboards. This led to fewer abandoned shopping carts and better conversions.

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