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quantum sponsor

Quantumsponsor social media influencer photoshoot of making healthy food Quantumsponsor social media influencer photoshoot of making healthy food start

quantum sponsor

Project Type: Web Development, Tech Consultancy, Branding, UI Design
Date: October 15, 2018
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Quantumsponsor connects advertisers with influencers. WFN helped this startup to improve their engagement and performance through a redesign and branding.


branding, UX/UI design, web application, animation

Wanted for Nothing helped Quantumsponsor excel their business to the next level to enhance brand engagement and increase conversion rates. We began by conducting research on how users interacted with the web application and started to create wireframes that allowed users to easily understand and interpret data-heavy content. We also helped to redesign the logo and created custom graphics and animations to better engage with the audience.

Quantum Sponsor logo design

The UX/UI and animations are amazing! The whole process was smooth and it was great working with the team!

AJ Silverman, CEO


color scheme color scheme color scheme color scheme

WFN wanted to keep the colors neutral and used a darker scheme to convey the brand attributes such as tech, forward-thinking, and sleekness. We also brought in the color orange to spark energy into the design and make it uplifting.


We developed the main pages with an emphasis on call to actions to improve engagement, online experience, and conversions. We A/B tested from the start as we perfected the designs and navigation during prototyping.

website animation

WFN used custom illustrations and animation to better explain how Quantumsponsor worked without cluttering the page with text or complex diagrams. This helped the audience to understand the product faster and thus, more willing to sign up after watching the video.

UX design for social media influencer campaigns


The homepage was a crucial landing page to lead the audience through the consumer purchase tunnel. We created custom graphics that resonated with the users and focused on strategically placing CTA buttons, colors, and illustrations.

sign up page

Probably one of the most important pages of all, WFN implemented best-practices on the sign up page. We kept the required fields simple and straightforward whilst ensuring to use a benefit-oriented headline.

UX design for subscription plans

subscription plans

We created a tiered service and illustrated the different plans to help consumers better decide which service suited their needs and budget.

custom dashboard

WFN developed a custom dashboard that neatly presented metrics for each campaign without cluttering the page. The data could be easily interpreted on desktop and mobile.

enhanced pages

The pages we redesigned really made a difference in terms of improving visibility, accessibility, and engagement. We helped Quantumsponsor highlight their services clearly to both advertisers and influencers and helped them gain new users.

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