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TelMD wellness user depicting balanced life and enjoying the sunset TelMD wellness user depicting balanced life and enjoying the sunset start


Project Type: Web Applications, Tech Consultancy, Branding, UI Design, UX Design
Date: January 31, 2019
Technologies: Laravel, Vue.js, CSS3, HTML5

Wanted for Nothing helped to create a web application that connected health-conscious consumers with local practitioners. The desktop app was such a success that it led to a mobile app on the App Store and also Google Play.


branding, UX/UI design, web application, digital strategy

We were inspired by Dr. Terry Franklin’s passion to create an app that will inspire people to maintain a healthier lifestyle. WFN helped realize his ideas by taking the time to understand his vision, the target audience, and business objectives. Through our research and insights, we came up with the branding, wireframes, and eventually the app that was available on desktop and mobile. This was an extremely rewarding project as the app has already encouraged hundreds of people to find a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

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"Working with Marcell and Nick will exceed your expectations; they are brilliant!"

Terry L Franklin MD, CEO

launch the site


color scheme color scheme color scheme color scheme

We picked a split complementary color combination to create visual contrast that is more balanced and modern.

UX and UI design for web application sign up page

sign up page

Through UX/UI research, we found ways to optimize navigation and thus, increase sign ups.

in-app messaging

WFN created an easy to use messaging system where the consumer can directly message the practitioner and keep track of the communication.

User experience design for daily questionnaire

daily questionnaire

A set of questions are asked each day to track the user’s mental and physical health. The answers are categorized and can be easily tracked and also shared with the practitioner.

search functions

Users can find practitioners within their area and connect with them through the app. We’ve also included banner space in the design so that the client can monetize certain pages.

custom backend

We created a whole ecosystem in the backend to make it easier for users and practitioners to monitor and communicate. A tracking system by categories allowed the practitioner to quickly assess the health and wellness of the individual and provide valuable feedback. Users can also customize the dashboard with notes, social media buttons, and add their favorite practitioners. Our goal was to make the experience seamless and enjoyable for both parties.

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