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vista point mortgage


Vista Point Mortgage

Project Type: Branding, UX Design, UI Design, Tech Consultancy, Web Development
Date: January 9, 2019
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, MailChimp, InVision

Vista Point Mortgage is a remarkable investor that provides simple solutions for Originators and Lenders. The WFN team was in charge of light branding adjustments and handled logo and UX/UI design for their website.


branding, UX/UI design, tech consultancy

Wanted for Nothing stepped in to handle logo and UX/UI design for this new company in the financial services industry. By relying on our market research, we were able to lightly adjust the branding of this info site as well. We wanted to make sure that potential clients would have no trouble recognizing how Vista Point Mortgage could help them. We accomplished our goal by laying out an easy way for visitors to view lending programs, Vista Point’s partner portal, and more.

Thanks so much WFN Team. The logo and UX/UI are very solid - great work!

Allison Ashmore, Partner


WFN opted to use light and dark shades of green to convey the brand message of growth, harmony, and safety. That way clients know they can trust Vista Point to simplify their lending needs.


WFN implemented key wireframes into the Vista Point Mortgage website to plan out the structure for each page. The wireframes we used also helped us map out the user journey and determine where and how we would place content for the VPM site. Setting up the right wireframes was a crucial step in designing a high-quality portal.